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Buying my car from A plus was simple and easy. Alex was amazingly Abdul hooked me up with a great deal. I recommend buying your next car here!
Missy Stearns
I'm a proud owner of a new to me car from A+ Auto Sales.  Thank you so much to the staff at A+ they were fantastic.  I drove 3 cars, each time they had the air on and cooling the car before I took them for a test drive.  They made sure we were taken care and especially made sure that we were happy with our purchase.  Alex actually called me on my way home to make sure I loved the car and to say thank you, that's true leadership in customer service!
Tammy Ruehrwein
Just stop by this place, to look at cars, didn't think i would left with one. Thanks to Alex, made my day month, a year!!! I had bad credit history or no credit history i should say. But Alex took his time, to help me and get this amazing car. I came there almost when they were closing, but  they helped me regardless. First time financing a car, got denied couple times, Alex did his best to get me loan. 
Highly recommend this business place!!!!
Dildora Drogomir

I had a horrific accident while on vacation last week in NY, I came home yesterday and Googled the best dealer in West Chester to buy a car.  A+ Auto Sales was at the top of the list. Go figure it was a dealer I have driven by for years right down the street from  my house!

I stopped In on my way home from work tonight and found the perfect car, it was mine from  the moment I saw it. There was so much to pick from but this one just kept pulling me back. 

Alex Perez showed  me everything on his lot over and over what a wonderful man, honest, caring  and genuinely helpful. As a single woman you are a little intimidated to go in to a dealership alone not the case here, we became instant friends and I knew he was there to help me!

Thanks you Alex for letting me find my way to the perfect car for me, 12 hours on your lot and we are a match made in heaven! I'll take great care of  her, just like you took great care of me!  Go see Alex tell him Michele sent you! You get a hug and popcorn!!

Xx see you Friday 
Michele Nicely

This year I have purchased 2 very nice previously owned cars from reallly down to earth friendly people  at A+  Auto.  .  Purchased many cars from most of the BIG box car dealership over the years and was never treated with more respect and patience as  Marc , Rob and Alex have shown..  If you are looking for really nice clean  vehicles at an affordable price, with no pressure or hassles , you should visit this dealership.  They are there to help you get the most for your money and help you get the car that you want..
Kon Belieu

A+ Auto Sales Reviews

  • My new Nissan Murano
    Buying a beautiful Nissan Murano from Alex at A+ Auto Sales today was the best experience ever. It's so refreshing dealing with an honest, decent person. Got a great deal on a great SUV and I am extremely satisfied. Thanks again Alex. You Rock.

  • Go to A+ first!
    So I went to look at a truck my wife told me about and I had tunnel vision when I went to see it, thinking, "if it isn't what I want, I am out of there". Turned out the truck was exactly what I wanted and at a great price! I drove it, and figured I would look the rest of the lot over while I waited for my wife to arrive. There were lots of very nice vehicles! and more trucks that made me think, hmm now I am like a kid in a candy store! Stuck with the first option because it was AWESOME! No hassle, quick paperwork, great experience. I recommend buying at A+ to everyone. Super people and business.

  • Best Car Buying Experience Ever
    I wish I had known about this dealer many years ago. I would have been convinced then of the real value of owning a late model, clean and low-mileage vehicle versus buying new. I had always bought new until I needed a car for my teenage daughter. A Plus in our neighborhood and my daughter encouraged me to stop there. We went and browsed the cars in the lot after hours and were impressed with their selection. I talked to the sales manager the next day and he had us take the car for an extended time for a test. He told me that our transaction would be easy and painless. I didn't realize at the time how true his words were. He gave me his best price which was below the Blue Book by a good bit, provided financing, an extended warranty and GAP insurance coverage inside of 30 minutes. It was truly amazing how simple the deal was. I was used to hours spent at new car dealerships going over paperwork. Don't get me wrong. There's paperwork, but it's as streamlined and efficient as is possible given the rules. And what was so impressive about the place besides its great selection and pricing was the truly friendly and helpful manner. The folks who run A Plus probably have over 100 years of automotive industry experience and it shows. There was no question they didn't have the answer to and they know customer service. Nothing phoney, pushy or unpleasant about the place. I knew I was dealing with people who are really interested in helping people find the best deal and keeping them as long term customers. I've bought two cars from A Plus and both have been great deals. I had a slight issue with my second car and they went way beyond what a national dealer or repair shop would have done. As I said, I wish I had known about A Plus years ago and I would have saved myself a ton of hassle and grief over car buying. I wish I could buy a car from them every year. I may not be able to do that, but I know that as long as I'm buying cars, I will buy from A Plus. No dealer is perfect and no car is perfect, but with A Plus's friendly, helpful, honest and experienced staff, you'll come as close to perfection as is possible.

  • First Small Dealer Experience
    This was my first experience with a smaller dealer and it was not at all what I expected. I expected to be hustled, to be pressured, to have limited financing options and I expected the cars to be over priced and of marginal quality. I was so wrong! I dealt directly with the owner - he was up front and true to every promise he made. There was no pressure, the cars were beautiful, priced at KBB fair market values and the financing options were as good as the any of the big three dealership I've ever worked with. I kid you not - including the test drive and financing, I was in and out with keys in hands in about an hour. This is one skeptic who may never go to a big dealership again!

  • John henson
    I would defiantly buy another vehicle from this lot. Great friendly service. Thanks

  • Dodge Ram
    Drove from Knoxville, TN to purchase a Dodge Ram 1500. Worth every mile we drove. Alex is not only great to work with, but seems to be honest as the day is long. He told me everything about the truck before I committed to buy it. Based on the reviews of his business, and my trust in him after speaking with him several times, it was an easy decision. I would highly recommend A+ !!

  • Jeep #3
    This is the third Grand Cherokee that I've bought from Alex and A Plus Auto. Each time has been a no pressure, totally enjoyable experience. The first Jeep was on his lot, and I was in the process of looking for a 2004 Grand Cherokee when I drove past and saw it. So I stopped, took it for a ride, made an offer, Alex accepted, and I bought it. The second time, I told him that I was looking for a 2010 G.C. and he found the perfect Jeep with only 35,000 miles within a couple of days. Again, no pressure, totally enjoyable. Which brings us to the third Grand Cherokee. I was extremely happy with the 2010, but unfortunately, was involved in an accident and the car was totaled. So I went to Alex to find a replacement. We found a 2013 on an internet search, but it was in Michigan. Alex called the dealership, and they said that it was like new with only has 19,000 miles. So we talked it over and Alex says to me, "No problem, I'll go look at it, and if it's as immaculate as they say it it, I'll buy it for you and bring it back." That's exactly what happened, so now I have a beautiful 2013 Grand Cherokee Overland that is perfect! I will ALWAYS go to Alex when I need a car- he is absolutely the most helpful, honest, reliable dealer that I've ever known. Love the guy!

  • Loving my Toyota 4-Runner
    Alex, I just returned from a road trip to Colorado that included long stretches in the car, city driving , mountain roads & 4WD roads. The 4-Runner ran like a champ & was super comfortable. Also - we are loving the leather seats that you installed for me. This is my 3rd car that I have purchased from you, so of course I am not surprised! Always a pleasure! Craig Davis

    Buying my husbands truck at + Auto was the best experience we have ever had in purchasing a car!! Normally it takes FOREVER to get all the paperwork completed!! Not with A+, Alex was johnny on the spot!!! We were done and out the door with our new Truck in 30-45 minutes tops!!! Not only was he Johnny on the spot, we searched for trucks and looked at numerous trucks before going to A+ Auto, everything we found was very over priced and in bad shape!!! We will know better next time!! A+ Auto will always be our first stop shop when buying a vehicle!!! Alex was the easiest person I have ever dealt with. He was funny, pleasant, personal, down to earth and on top of that knows his stuff!!!! Thank you Alex for actually making our car buying experience fun!!!! How many people can say that!!! Anyone looking to purchase a vehicle stop at A+ first, they have very very nice vehicles and very well priced. At the end of our sale, I went to shake Alex's hand, he said no this sale deserves a hug!! I felt like we didnt just buy a car from Alex, we also made a new friend!!! Thank you Alex for an amazing experience!! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY FROM THE HANCE'S!!!!!

  • This locally owned dealership gets an A+ from me. A family owned business jammed packed with grace, kindness, integrity, respect, and professionalism. I felt right at home and the purchase of my BMW went without a hitch. The price was great and my trade in received a fair price. The car was under warranty and I received a high quality sales experience. If you want to know in your heart that you are getting a great, quality buy for your money, go to A+ Auto Sales. I recommend this dealership to everyone. It's worth the drive!

  • Great Experience
    I recently purchased a 2009 Honda Accord from Rob. It was a great experience. They made me feel like family. Joe

  • 2010 Hummer H3 on 5/27/16
    I had been doing a nationwide search for another H3 and came across one at A+ that matched what I was looking for (condition, mileage, features, etc). The quantity of detailed photos and spec sheet was enough to decide to check it out. Ohio is only a few states away (within driving distance), so I called and they assured me the vehicle would be waiting. After an 8 hour drive, I found the truck exactly as advertised. It is a 6 year old vehicle, so I had expectations of wear. I found that the photos matched exactly and that they had selected a good quality vehicle. The shopping experience was great. I was at my own pace and was back on the road with my new truck in about 2 ½ hours (inspection, test drive, paperwork etc.). From beginning to end, the A+ Auto Sales experience was great. Definitely worth the drive…

  • Best Car Buying Experience I've Ever Had
    I had been in the market for an older luxury vehicle for a few months and came across a car on this lot via Cars.com. Alex proved to be the most open and honest car salesman I've ever dealt with. The price was reasonable. He was very transparent on where he stood with pricing and we were able to make a great deal that I'm very pleased with. I'll be recommending this lot to many coworkers and friends who may also be looking for a great used car and a very friendly dealership experience. Thanks so much, and I look forward to visiting this salesman again when it's time for our next vehicle.

  • Mazda 3 purchased on 2/24/2016
    We purchased a Mazda 3 from Alex on 2/24/2016. This is the best car buying experience we have ever had. We will be recommending A+ Auto Sales to all of my friends, and family. We will be buying our next car from Alex.

  • What a great experience we had a A+ auto sales. I had been shopping for a vehicle to replace our Ford Expedition and located a great looking Ford Escape. And wow is it loaded. Alex responded quickly to my emails and when we went to test drive, he was helpful, friendly and most importantly - honest. I did not feel pressured to purchase at all. He presented all options and let us decide what worked best. Thank you Alex. We are loving the car!

  • This place is great! It's the only car dealership I have ever wanted to go back to more than once. Thank you, Alex!!

  • Best Experince Ever!!!
    After searching the internet for months, I finally came across the Toyota 4runner I was looking for. A+ Auto sales for me was located over 1000 miles away however. After looking at customers reviews on any site I could find, Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc., I found them to be a quality company I wanted to do business with. I applied for financing and was approved. Rob contacted me about my approval and then helped walk me through the process to get comfortable with the vehicle. My only concern was not being able to fly into Ohio to see the vehicle myself. Rob went the extra steps to point out the few scratches it did have, provide me with an updated mechanical report, Carfax and then do a complete 360* video to show me in detail the vehicle itself. I found Rob to be a great guy and someone I know I could always be friends with. I became very comfortable with my decision to buy from them after receiving all this support. I than had the car picked up and delivered to my front door in Colorado. Once the vehicle arrived, it was completely dirty from transportation. I signed off not knowing if what Rob had told me was correct to what the transportation company had received. This would be my first test drive. I took it to my local car wash and once washed, I was able to inspect it in detail. At this point, I was very impressed. I seen the few scratches Rob pointed out and was perfect as he described. My only complaint is that the inside wasn't as detailed as I hoped to expect. I'm kinda OCD. Not at all my main concern as the vehicle itself was outstanding. Overall, I can say with confidence, this company is by far one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Period! Their name does say it all. Thanks for making my buying experience the best one I have ever had. And Im saying this having bought a 20k 4runner from over 1000 miles away Keep up the good work! You guys rock!!!

  • So true. Honesty and
    So true. Honesty and everything reidngczeo.

  • Great Place to Buy a Car!
    I just bought a 2013 Honda Accord from Rob. He was great, made the deal so easy. No fast talking BS here, just honest folks making an honest living by making great deals on cars! Alex is wonderful too - made us feel like family. I've already recommended this dealership to several people. This is the way car buying should be done. If you're looking for a good car, fair price on your trade-in and no BS, A+ Auto Sales is where you want to go. I just can't say enough about these guys! I'm happy, happy, HAPPY! :)

  • 2007 Ford Escape
    Just bought a 2007 Ford Escape from Rob. In general a good experience with no games. The purchase of the vehicle was a positive experience and very quick.

  • 2014 Touring L
    We just recently bought a 2014 Touring L from Rob. Our experience was great. We love our van. Rob was very accomidating and took care of everything. I really felt like family. Everybody there was friendly. I would definately go back.

  • Found a great car
    I recently bought a car from this dealership. My salesman was Alex Perez. This is is my 3rd car that I have bought from them. I am from Cincinnati but now live in Florida. I flew from Florida to Cincinnati with the intent to buy a car from A Auto Sales. It is hard to find a salesman that is trustworthy, honest and fair. I couldn't find any salesman that I could trust in Florida so I flew to Cincy to see Alex. He worked with us to get a deal that we were happy with. He took time with us, explained everything in detail and did not rush us. We walked away with a great car and are very happy. Next time I need a car, I will be flying up to Cincy again. Great dealership, great customer service!!!! Great selection of cars as well.

  • 6-15-15 - After and exhaustive search, we found the convertible we wanted at A+ auto. Problem was, they were 550 miles away. After talking with Rob, and having him do a visual walk-around on the car, I got the comfort level to take a huge chance, and buy a one-way plane ticket to go out and pick up the car. My nervousness was for nothing. The car was exactly like Rob had described, and was all cleaned up and waiting for me when I arrived. The sales process was clean and easy, and after a long drive home, we are enjoying our convertible! Thank you Karina and Rob for a great purchasing experience! Matt

  • Just purchased our third vehicle from A + Auto. Once again an easy, pleasant experience and just the car we were looking for. We can't say enough about how well we have been treated by Alex and Rob each time we've stopped - more like family than just another customer - and that means a lot. Steve & Vicky Rains

  • Worth the trip
    We found the exact car we were looking for on the internet. It was at A Plus Auto about 100 miles from us. We decided to take a look. We were pleasantly surprised when it was everything and more than Alex said it was when we contacted him. He was such a pleasure to work with. He gave us a fantastic deal. I would highly recommend him and his company. Lynda Junk

  • Awesome!!
    Wow! This was, by far, the best experience I've ever had purchasing a car.Thanks to alex and rob, i now have my long awaited prius. The price was phenomenal and the customer service didn't disappoint. alex went above and beyond, taking the time to find the best interest rate. He is trustworthy, professional, and an overall great guy.I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy, personal, no pressure environment.They have a customer for life!

  • Above and beyond
    Recently, we purchased our second car from A+ Auto - this time a Kia Soul for our youngest daughter. We called Alex, letting him know what we were looking for, and he went above and beyond to find exactly the car we wanted - and got us "more bang for the buck" than any deal we had seen anyplace else. Another smooth, pleasant car buying experience with Alex and A+ Auto, and we couldn't be more pleased.

  • bought our daughter 2006 ford focus here. found them very honest and fair

  • 2008 Ford Escape
    I just wanted to thank Rob,my salesman who was very patience with me during my looking around at A+ property... He handle the final deal in a great matter. Thank you for all your great help.. I hope to you in the near future for another great SUV truck for me.

  • The only place to buy your next vehicle
    We just bought our second vehicle from Alex. I bought my first one 5 years ago and still have it. This is the only place to buy a vehicle for us. He is honest, puts your needs before his own. He makes sure you get what you want and has integrity in his dealings. He is more like family to us. We know exactly what we are buying when we walk away. He goes out of his way to help you. You will never regret buying your next vehicle from Alex. JUST DO IT!!

  • Great Experience
    I just bought a 2011 Mazda CX7 from Alex at A+ Auto sales and I have to say it was the best car buying experience I have had so far. There was no pressure and they had a great selection of cars. I will definitely recommend them to everyone. Thanks again!!!

  • I just recently bought a used Ford Focus from A+ Auto Sales. I am a first time car buyer and was recommended to try A+. Alex, was so patient with me through the whole process. He helped me every step of the way and I am thankful to him for making my first car purchase as nice and easy as possible. When I finally decided to buy the car Rob, helped me out with all the paper work and answered all of my questions. I DEFINITELY recommend A+ Auto Sales to anyone. The sales people are absolutely amazing and nice and I love the my car.

  • Car salesmen with integrity!
    Alex and Rob are absolutely amazing!! I bought a 2008 Toyota Rav4 from them on 9/27/14, which I got for amazing deal and it is exactly what I wanted! Rob took the time to help me get the financing I needed at a great price and was completely honest and understanding from the very beginning.I had just had the worst experience at a dealership the previous week where they even tried to joke that I couldn't afford their cars. Rob was nothing like that! He was truly awesome! Before I had even owned my car for a full 24 hrs, someone KEYED it!!! I had been on my way out to sign a few more things with Alex when I noticed the devastating silver streak across my jet black car. Alex told me to bring it back in and they would see what they could do. Rob went to work and in less than hour he had my car back to its original beauty! They are not like other car salesmen. They listen to you and help in any way possible to get you what you want. Thank you again, Alex and Rob! You guys are the best!! :)~Nikki

  • 3rd Purchase
    Thanks Rob once again for making it easy to purchase another vehicle from A+ Auto. This is our 2nd purchase for us, plus a car that our son bought from you. Great cars with low miles. I would think after our family buying 3 of them people would realize what a great place this is if you are looking for a low mileage late model car. Thanks again.....we will keep an eye on the lot for more new items you get.

  • Love My Jeep!!!
    Thanks Alex for making it possible for me to drive home in my new Jeep Liberty! You made the process painless and really gave me personal attention. Great doing business!!! Tanya Atkins

  • Love my CR-V
    I found A+ Auto Sales after searching on google for used Honda CR-V in Cincinnati. I thought A+ Auto had written a fantastic description on the vehicle as well as really sold themselves on their service and what they could offer as a pre-owned dealership! Alex, the owner, immediately answered my inquiry and we emailed back and forth from 8:30pm until 11:30pm!!!! GREAT SERVICE FROM THE START! Rob, the sales manager, and I met the next day, worked through the details to finalize the purchase! Rob & Alex treated me like family, making sure the CR-V was the right choice, safe for lots of travel (considering that is what I needed it for), and even ensured I had the best warranty to cover any and all future needs! Rob went out of his way to make the entire process seamless and fun! Really enjoyed working with these guys and will highly recommend anyone to buy from them! No pressure, lots of information to ensure all questions are answered, and willing to help you understand what they do to find their cars and ensure it is a good buy for everyone! A+ Auto...their service is indicated by their name! -Lindsay from Springdale/Cincinnati

  • Great personalized service
    I purchased a 2011 Chevy Cruze LTZ from A+ Auto, and they went out of the way to make my experience an excellent one. Not only were they able to get me financed with a rough credit history, but Rob B. actually came and picked me up 45 minutes away on a Sunday (when the dealership was closed)so I could get my new car. The individualized attention and care that A+ provided was fantastic, and I would not hesitate to buy my next car from them- and I live in Columbus!

  • Quay O
    Quay O, August 8, 2014 said, I cannot say enough good things about A+ Auto Sales! Alex and Rob are extremely helpful. My husband and I have purchased 2 vans from them and will continue to go back. They are wonderful to work with and go above and beyond to help you. It is a completely different experience than going to a big chain dealership. I highly recommend buying from A+ Auto Sales!

  • I had my first experience with A+ Auto sales today and it was great. It was very stressful trying to get a car but Alex worked his magic and was able to get me a good deal. I'm in love with my scion tc. Thank you again.

  • Return Customer
    This is my 2nd time purchasing a car from Alex & A-Plus Auto. (a nice Mazda 3 Hatchback with low miles) I have learned to always check here first when car-shopping. They are always quality cars, in excellent condition, no surprises. It is a pleasure working with with Alex & his team. They go the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction and offer the customer a fair deal, one that simpy can't be matched by other dealers! See ya next time Alex! C Davis

  • Great Deal, Great Service, Happy Customer!
    After searching for a few weeks for a Jeep I stumbled upon a 2011 Jeep Liberty with 31,000 miles at A+ Auto. I thought the price listed had to be a joke or the vehicle had "a catch!" Nope! The Jeep was as advertised and the sales service was amazing! Rob was a down to earth, personable and honest salesman! We took the vehicle home! I am a happy customer and will definitely remember A+ Auto for future vehicle needs! Thanks Rob! -K. Woodruff

  • Great Experience
    I had a great experience at A+ Auto Sales. I searched the internet for the used vehicles I was interested in and found that A+ Auto Sales had a great selection of well maintained vehicles. I ended up purchasing a 3-year old Nissan Rogue SV. It had only 32,000 miles on it and was well-priced for a pretty much brand new vehicle. I worked with Rob and he was a really down to earth straight shooter. The staff is very honest and worked with me very well. They even allowed me to take the vehicle to my mechanic to have it checked out before I purchased it. Of course, the vehicle was is perfect shape.

  • Best Car Buying Experience Hands Down!
    I had my first experience buying a car from A+ Auto Sales on Saturday and I had the best experience!! I drove from Indianapolis, IN to look at a 2008 Ford Edge that they had. I emailed them 2 days before to see if they still had this car available and Friday morning I had an email back. After talking to Rob on the phone I decided to drive there the next day. As soon as I walked in the door Rob was so nice and really took care of me. Even though Alex was not the one I was working with he was extremely friendly and went out of his way to make me feel welcomed as well. Rob really worked with me to get a great deal for the car I was trading in and the car that I was buying. He treated me like I was family. My husband is currently deployed so I was doing this alone and it was our first car we were buying so I was nervous to do it alone, but once I met Rob I never once felt overwhelmed. I even got a call from Rob a little bit after I got back to Indianapolis making sure I had made it back safe and letting me know if I needed anything at all don't hesitate to call!! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend people go to A+ Auto Sales to buy their next car, and the next time I am needing a car will go back to them!!

  • Thanks Rob!
    Really impressed with Rob and A+ Auto. Needed to find a fair-priced, reliable, clean vehicle for my daughter. Rob had just the car - a 2008 Hyundai Sonata with only 36,000 miles and very clean. Was willing to have a mechanical noise checked out after I test drove it and had all the paperwork ready when we came to pick it up. Very smooth - much appreciated. Would buy from A+ Auto again.

  • Charlotte, NC
    On March 6, 2014, Jonathan C. said, I had the experience of purchasing a vehicle from A+ Auto Sales and that's what I got A+ Service. I have been searching for a 4 door Dodge Ram and it was waiting for me in West Chester Ohio. Alex and Rob gave me a great deal on my vehicle. Alex, I thank you for being a man of integrity I appreciate doing business with you and your company. Rob, you made my day I appreciate the great customer service, you knew I had an 8 hr. drive back to NC and you made things happen. The word is out in Charlotte NC about A+ Auto Sales.

  • Best Experience Ever!
    We all have purchased cars from big dealers.I have always had that sick feeling in my stomach each and everytime that I signed papers. NOT THIS TIME. Alex made this process professional and "pain free". I left the lot with the exact car that I have been searching for, with a lower payment than I expected and financing done all there at his location. He even beat my bank interest rate. I am a customer for life. I will never go back to the big dealers. Thanks Alex!!

  • Ron Lowery
    There is a little dealership in West Chester ran by Alex Perez and his partner Rob that is quite different than anything I've ever seen. Imagine an honest no hassle used car dealership with great cars that you can trust to be top notch and sleep soundly after buying one. A dealer that actually treats you so fairly that you will rave to others about their deals. They care tremendously about their image. Just bought a great Honda here and saved a bundle.Would tell anyone looking for dependable lightly used cars to come here! Why pay the chain dealerships more for cars marked up to cover their huge overheads and play their games to try and get a fair price? IT AIN'T HAPPENING HERE.

  • A+ Customer Service
    Feb. 6, 2014, Cierra S. said, My experience at A+ Auto Sales was great I sent an email that I was interested in a car on their lot. The next morning I received a phone from Alex introducing himself... We communicated back and forth the whole day, Alex went over and beyond to get me a financing loan that was affordable for me to handle (being that my credit isn't the best). Since I had no transportation Alex even offered to picked me up, When I arrived at the dealership Alex had everything ready for me to go Alex even paid the remainder of my car loan off for me. All I had to do was drive the car off the lot. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

  • Customer for Life!
    Jan. 29, 2014, Layla W. said, This was the best car buying experience I've ever had! I didn't even ask, and the Carfax was provided. They did the leg work to get me an interest rate that was WAY better than expected. The price was right, and the car was in fantastic shape. I drove from Indianapolis, IN to get my new car, and I will most likely do it again! Thanks for everything! You just got a customer for life!

  • Great Customer Service!
    My son bought his car from Alex right before Christmas. Alex was professional and caring. Cody needed a co-signer on his loan and I went to our normal bank for financing. They were unable to meet my needs after years of doing business with them. I called Alex and he said "let me take care of you". He called later that afternoon with the loan approved for the full amount and an interest rate that was half of what my bank wanted to offer! I call that kind of service exceptional. He treated us like family from the minute we walked on the lot. You can tell he cares for his customers and in todays world - that speaks volumes to me! I definitely will use A+ Auto Sales and Alex again in the future. Candy P.

  • happy car owner 2010 Ford Focus SEL
    Thank you Rob for taking the time to get my 19 yr old son qualified for his first loan last week! You were awesome, determined and patient, and we can't thank you enough!! Great people, great cars, great prices and the best place to buy a quality used car! Rob is wonderful :-)The car is in great condition. We are so happy with A+ and will definitely be back, and will recommend to others! Eric and Missy

    Nov. 8, 2013, After numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a decent 2010 Honda Civic SI within a hundred miles radius, I finally decided to try farther out and contacted A+AUTO SALES in West Chester Oh. BINGO not only did I find the right car at the right price but also found and honest, dedicated and professional salesperson willing to work with me. This car has 35058 miles, like new condition and thousands less than the sale price of the ones from our local dealers; so needless to say the 564 miles round trip drive was well worth. Rob you are a man of integrity, a true professional and it was a pleasure doing business with you my friend. ED and MARIA JONES CLARKSVILLE TN.

  • Sonata
    Oct. 5, 2013, Lauren W. said, First time buyer, with a great experience. Very welcoming with a great selection of cars.Top of my recommendation list for certain. Hope to come back in the near future.

  • I purchased an Infiniti QX4 from Rob on 9.27.13. The buying process was seamless. Rob was candid and upfront with the flaws associated with vehicle as well as the good attributes. The entire process, from intitial phone call to completion of the sale was reassuring. A+ auto is a class act and I will definitely look to them for my next vehicle purchase.

  • Thanks A+
    I purchased a car in August from A+ and I was very happy with how straightforward and easy they made the process. I dealt with Rob and he was knowledgeable and personable. This is as an easy recommendation to make - A+ Auto Sales will make your experience a good one.

  • Ellen from Springfield
    August 22, 2013, Ellen said, I spent alot of time test driving cars all over Dayton and Columbus.Probably drove 30 cars.Narrrowed it down to a Subura Legacy. Met alot of sales people and walked away from alot to. I felt comfortable with Alex and his staff from the time I walked in. There wasn't high pressure. All his cars were clean and impressive. I didn't feel like I was a single girl who would be ripped off. He was honest and up front. I'm truely grateful I bought my car here. I wouldn't hesitate buying another car from him or his staff. I drove from Springfield and would do it again. Thanks so much I love my car.

  • WOW!
    I recently purchased a Mazda3 Hatch from A + Auto Sales and can't begin to say what an unbelievably EASY and FUN experience it was! Rob Broughton was not only professional, but patient and friendly as well. I would not hesitate to steer any family or friends to the BEST car dealer in the Cincinnati area! THANKS AGAIN, Rob and A+ Plus Auto Sales!! Warmly, Sheila E. and "Georgia" !!

  • July 18, 2013, Jeanell D. said *Once you pull onto the A+ Auto Sales lot you WILL leave driving something nicer than what you drove there in. I just bought a 2010 Nissan Murano. Personally, I feel like dollar and customer service wise I couldn't have gotten a better deal in Ohio. Both Rob and Alex are very friendly and easy to work with. The thing I liked most about this dealership is that Rob actually came out to greet us. This experience was unlike those at other big dealerships. Where I had to search for someone to help me and then nail down my pocketbook because they're just credit score and money hungry before they will even show you a car. If you're looking for a great experience...stop here first!! We'll definitely be back to purchase another vehicle. Jeanell Columbus, OH

  • Best car buying experience EVER!
    We were looking for a gently used but well equipped Camry Hybrid. We had just about given up when I found a car at A+ Auto Sales on AutoTrader. I called Alex about the car that I saw on their website, and he agreed to stay late on Friday so we could meet and check it out. Long story short....the pricing was great (significantly less than KBB); the car is perfect (all fluids replaced, new brakes, tires, filters, etc.) - and working with Alex was an exceptional experience. He treated my wife and me with genuine interest, respect, and courtesy, was completely open about how he does business, and worked with us to obtain financing through our credit union. I have never had an easier car-buying experience, 2 hours in and out the door. Amazing! Check out his website www.aplus-autosales.com to view what is available, you may find just what you've been looking for. I would expect that his inventory turns over rather quickly, if the quality and pricing of our new car is any indication. A quality experience all around.

  • Fair and Honest
    We got a great deal on a 2012 Scion Tc. A+ Auto's easily had the best prices in the area, and Rob was great to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle. David and Tina

  • My mom bought her car here a Honda CR-V, and I purchased a KIA Forte. Alex got us a great deal and worked very hard to satisfy our needs and meet everything we asked. I would recommend Alex and the staff at A+ Auto Sales to anyone. They are a great company. ***** 5 Stars.

  • I just picked up my car yesterday from A+ Auto Sales. Drove 4 hours to get it. I had been looking everywhere for "that" car that got my attention and happened to find it on Auto Trader. I called and spoke to Rob and he made sure to tell me every little detail about the car, even little things that I would have never noticed. We talked almost everyday getting everything ready and it was like chatting with a friend. When I actually picked up the car, it looked like a brand spanking new one, Rob was very helpful and friendly which helped with the whole experience. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Thank you Rob for everything!!!

  • What Just Happened? The Best Car Sales Experience
    Alex and Rob are exceptional car salesman. Courteous, professional, and they sell top-notch vehicles. I highly recommend to anyone to check them out. You will not be disappointed.

  • The BEST experience on a Car lot ever!
    By Mark from Lima, Ohio | April 24, 2013

    I too have always avoided the small independent sales but have now found my source for great used cars! After four months of Autotrader and Cars.com I finally found a car that really got my attention. I really appreciate the free CARFAX that A+ make available! I emailed Alex several times asking questions and making offers. Finally I challenged him with low APR and He came through! I filled out the credit app online and he was able to get me a rate that was better than I could get with my banks. I drove 2 hours and finally got to drive the car, LOVED it! Within minutes Rob had the paperwork done and I was on my way home. I will defiantly contact Alex when my married children are ready to buy a vehicle. The lot is small, the building is small, his overhead is lower and he is able to offer cars at a great price! Great Job! Thank you! Oh yeah a word of caution: (be careful his cars are too nice) I purchased the White 2010 Mazda6 for me but my wife took it and gave me her Blue 2009 Mazda6 :)

  • Best car buying experience
    I have to say that this was the best car buying experience that my husband and I have ever had! Rob & Alex were fantastic! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a car. I know if I am in the market for a new car again, there is no doubt about it that I will go back to Rob and Alex! Thank you Rob and Alex for the wonderful service you provide. The Bedel's

  • Hyundai Tucson
    We just bought our 2012 Hyundai Tucson on March 16, 2013. We have never bought a vehicle from a used car lot before, however, I can honestly say that this was the most pleasant experience we have ever had in purchasing a car! Rob & Alex were super friendly, knowledgable and made our purchase affordable for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a gently used car. Jeanne & Dave Holmes

  • As as out of state car shopper, we found the Internet to be a valuable tool in our search. Luckily it lead us to A+ and Rob Broughton where we found a Kia Sorento as well as a pleasant car buying experience. The testimonials were spot on! Both Rob and Alex were great to deal with! We will certainly check with them again the next time we are in need of a vehicle. Forget the big lot operators and give A+ a try first! Thanks again!

  • Feb. 24, 2013 John Bushouse said, Rob and Alex of A+ Auto Sales are great at their job. My wife bought a slightly used car and traded in her car, and we are satisfied customers. Great prices, great service, and great communication in the five days it took from an Internet search to our three hour drive to pay for and drive away the car.

  • Great Experience
    Had an excellent experience when I purchased my Subaru Impreza from A+ Auto Sales. Rob Broughton assisted me from beginning to end with my purchase and made it feel like I was buying something from a good friend. I felt no pressure and had every question and issue taken care of. The car was priced affordable too! A pleasure to do business with, I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks A+!

    January, 2013. Buying a car is not high on my "like to do list" but I have to say that my husband and I were very pleased with our experience at A plus auto sales. We did a lot of home work looking for a car for our daughter. That search lead us to A Plus Auto. We had a wonderful experience working with Rob. He was knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and willing to offer a reasonable price point. My husband and I have only had experience working with large dealerships and our experience with Rob was second to none. We talked about how we would not hesitate buying a car from Rob again and that we would feel very comfortable recommending friends and family. I don't often take the time to write testimonials, but my husband and I both agreed that we wanted to tell others about our great experience. Rob, thank you for helping us find the right car and the right price. Thank you, Phil, Deb, and Jen.

  • Great Experience!
    Buying a car can be frustrating at times but I had a great experience at A+ Auto. I worked with Alex (The Owner) and he was great! Alex made the process very easy, walked through our wants/needs in order to recommend the best car for me. Alex spent a lot of time with us and made sure he thoroughly answered any questions that we had. After test driving a few vehicles we decided we want to purchase. Alex made us a great offer on our trade-in and the process was very easy and we received a great deal on our new car! I would recommend A+ Auto to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a vehicle; my wife and I had a great experience!

  • Jan. 11, 2013 Sarah said, After an unfortunate car accident, and on desperate search for a car, A+ Auto had just what i was looking for. Friendly, and very accommodating i will recommend A+ Auto Sales to all my friends in the area who need advice on where to start ! Thank you so much for my new car !!

  • Very Good Experience
    I bought a car in mid-April 2012 from Alex and traveled from out of state to the dealership after finding the car I wanted online. I had researched several dealerships, and Alex had the best prices and good vehicles. Alex was great to work with and got me the best interest rate on my car loan that I've ever gotten. I've had no issues with my car to date and am very pleased with my overall experience there. I would definitely recommend A+ Auto Sales.

  • A+ guys = A+ transaction!!
    Dec.4, 2012 Mark & Robin J. said, I have purchased many, many cars in my life time and the professionalism of Rob & Alex on our recently purchase (2011 Kia Sportage) was not only outstanding, but I can honestly say this was the best I have ever been treated in purchasing a car. Thank you www.cars.com for introducing me to Rob & Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hyundai Elantra
    Dec. 1, 2012 Rachit said, Alex and his staff are honest, diligent and knowledgeable.They make car buying an easy, personal and hassle free experience.

  • Doug/Diana
    Dec. 1, 2012 Doug/Diana said, After searching for a used vehicle to ship/leave in Florida during our stays, I discovered A+ Auto Sales in West Chester. We purchased a very nice low mileage Corolla from Alex and enjoyed doing business with both Alex and Rob. As retired business owners, we appreciated their customer service, no pressure attitudes and concern for handling quality vehicles. We would highly recommend giving them a try.

  • A++++++
    Nov. 8, 2012 Barb said, I just bought my Mazda6 from Alex and it was such a fantastic experience , I had to write in ! ALex, you should rename your business A++++ because you go above and beyond to assist your customer. I have purchased many cars in the past and have NEVER had a good experience. I naturally expected this to be the same- with a "good ol boy" type of sleazy salesman doing the hard sell on me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was treated with nothing but respect and friendly camraderie from the moment I walked in the door. I did my homework and knew the value of the car and what I could afford. Alex was very honest and open throughout the whole transaction was able to get me in the car I wanted that very night! I put his card up on my company bulletin board and I will wholeheartedly recommend Alex to everyone I know. I will be back !! Barb

  • Nov. 3, 2012, Jessica D. said,  I came to A plus auto to buy my first car!!! Alex got me a wonderful deal on a hyundai sonata! I was very pleased with my service! He found me an excellent deal on an excellent car! He was very helpful and did everything to try and find the best and right deal for me! I will DEFINITELY be buying a second vehicle from him! I had nothing less than an excellent experience here!

  • Oct. 26, 2012, John Toedtman, Toedtman Music School said, 

    I am delighted to write about my great experience buying a Mini Cooper at A+ Auto Sales this past weekend. I had recently had a very bad experience with another dealership so it was a revelation to meet Alex and Rob and realize that they are both dedicated professionals with the highest degree of integrity and are also very knowledgeable about automobiles. Both my wife and I were a bit cautious about buying a used car but after driving the car and hearing about how the Mini guarantee would be transferred to us our doubts were resolved. We know that we got a great deal on a low mileage almost new car and in the process met two terrific guys. I most highly recommend A+ Auto Sales to anyone wanting the best deal on a good car. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone about my opinion of this dealership; Just call at my office at 513 772 7900. Thanks, Rob and Alex!

  • Eric G.
    Sept. 20, 12, Eric G. said, I just bought a 2003 blazer from Alex and all I can say is he changed my life. I am so greatful I met him yesterday. I had been out of a car for three months and on top of that lost my dad. Alex your an amazing guy and you helped me so much. Thank you and I will always come to you for new cars and will refer all my friends and family to you.

  • Testimonials are back!
    This is Alex Perez, I would like to let everyone know that my testimonial page is back live! So please feel free to comment about your experience at A+ Auto Sales.  Your testimonial is very important to me.  Thank you for your business.

  • (Aug 5, 2010) Jack said:
    We just got a minivan from Alex. He was upfront, honest and very professional. I would surely recommend him to friends and family. Thanks again Alex. 

  • (Aug 9, 2010) Karl said:
    Clean car, good service, good price. would recommend.

  • (Aug 10, 2010) Shannon said:
    Thanks for everything Alex. You and your wife treated us like family and we felt we were in very good hands. Thanks again!

  • (July 27, 2010) alex.aplusautosales (mod) said:
    Welcome to our new comment section! Please tell us how your experience was at A+ Auto Sales. Also, take a moment to find our Facebook and You Tube channel.


  • (July 29, 2010) Jaxon said:
    I bought a car from Alex several years ago and it was a great experience. Alex was very professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car.

  • (July 31, 2010) Chris and Jennifer Gross said:
    We just bought a car from Alex at A Plus Auto Sales after a word of mouth referral from Shannon at E Steps Automotic Service, LLC. Shannon is the mechanic who inspects the cars Alex sells. We got an excellent car at a great price. From begninning to end he exceeded our expectations. Alex is honest and transparent. We encourage you to bypass other dealers and go straight to Alex and Karina. We will never go anywhere else and when you work with them we bet you won't either. Thanks Alex! Thanks Shannon!

  • (Aug 1, 2010) Chad & Nicole Baker said:
    We wanted to thank you for the great service and wonderful new car! If anyone is looking to buy a new car this is the place to go. The cars are GREAT and Alex is very professional. If we are ever in need of a new car again this will be the place we go.
    Thanks again.

  • (Aug 5, 2010) Jack said:
    We just got a minivan from Alex. He was upfront, honest and very professional. I would surely recommend him to friends and family. Thanks again Alex. 

  • (Aug 9, 2010) Karl said:
    Clean car, good service, good price. would recommend.

  • (Aug 10, 2010) Shannon said:
    Thanks for everything Alex. You and your wife treated us like family and we felt we were in very good hands. Thanks again!

  • (July 27, 2010) alex.aplusautosales (mod) said:
    Welcome to our new comment section! Please tell us how your experience was at A+ Auto Sales. Also, take a moment to find our Facebook and You Tube channel.


  • (July 29, 2010) Jaxon said:

    I bought a car from Alex several years ago and it was a great experience. Alex was very professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car.

  • (July 31, 2010) Chris and Jennifer Gross said:
    We just bought a car from Alex at A Plus Auto Sales after a word of mouth referral from Shannon at E Steps Automotic Service, LLC. Shannon is the mechanic who inspects the cars Alex sells. We got an excellent car at a great price. From begninning to end he exceeded our expectations. Alex is honest and transparent. We encourage you to bypass other dealers and go straight to Alex and Karina. We will never go anywhere else and when you work with them we bet you won't either. Thanks Alex! Thanks Shannon!

  • (Aug 1, 2010) Chad & Nicole Baker said:
    We wanted to thank you for the great service and wonderful new car! If anyone is looking to buy a new car this is the place to go. The cars are GREAT and Alex is very professional. If we are ever in need of a new car again this will be the place we go.
    Thanks again.

  • (Aug 5, 2010) Jack said:
    We just got a minivan from Alex. He was upfront, honest and very professional. I would surely recommend him to friends and family. Thanks again Alex. 

  • (Aug 9, 2010) Karl said:
    Clean car, good service, good price. would recommend

  • (Aug 10, 2010) Shannon said:
    Thanks for everything Alex. You and your wife treated us like family and we felt we were in very good hands. Thanks again!

  • (Aug 18, 2010) Stephanie said:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car. Alex was very patient with me as I made my decision; which was made even more difficult by the number of great cars in excellent condition on his lot. Very curtious, very professional, and help guide me through the process so I didn't feel so stressed out. Highly recommend Alex and Karina if you are looking for a car

  • (Aug 20, 2010) Gary and Debbie Hubbard said:
    We purchased a Mazda 6 for my wife a couple of months ago, and she loves the car. I would highly recommend Alex and A+ Auto to anyone looking for a nice, late model used vehicle with low mileage. You can tell that Alex is very careful in picking out and making sure he has good, quality used vehicles that have been well taken care of with good histories.

  • (Aug 21, 2010) Greg and Carla Dennis said:
    Just bought a 2009 Jeep Wrangler from Alex and Karina. My wife loves it! The best car buying experience we've ever had. We got a good clean vehicle, quick financing, no pressure and we were out of there in less than an hour. I would highly recommend dealing with Alex and Karina.

  • (Aug 21, 2010) JO said:
    I found A plus on online because I was looking for a 2009 Kia Spectra. I found one with Alex for a great price and a sunroof. Alex and his family worked with me over the phone because I live in Indianapolis. I came down to see the car and loved it! Alex and his are very nice and will treat you like family.

  • (Aug 24, 2010) Tonya said:
    I was looking for a Honda Odyssey. I drove by and saw one on their lot. Alex hadn't even had time to clean it yet or put a for sale sign on it. He showed it to me anyway and we decided to purchase it that weekend. It was cleaned up and ready for us to drive away that weekend. Everything was quick and easy. Alex and Karina are both very friendly and approachable. They are easy to work with, have great personalities and no pressure attitudes. Their business has a family atmosphere unlike the big dealerships. We couldn't be happier! Thanks for everything! 

  • (Aug 27, 2010) DAN MATRA said:
    Hi Alex
    Asa you know I was apprehensive about buying a car from any website, but after speaking with you and looking at the pictures on cars.com I began to feel more comfortable. Your business is located in Ohio and I live in Florida, so I needed to trust that you described the car in detail. My daughters car was just delivered by the transporter and I must say it is everything as described. My daughter is overjoyed with her car. This has been a pleasant and painless experience. As you know I will be looking for another car in the next few months and their is no doubt I will be contacting you once again. By the way thank your wife for filling up the tank. Nice touch.

  • (Aug 27, 2010) Jim said:
    Back in winter I bought a 2007 Pontiac Vibe for my wife from Alex. We got the exact car we were looking for at a great price, after having some bad experiences at nearby dealerships. When it came time to sign the paperwork a few days later he had it all ready, so I was in and out in 20 minutes

    Then, in August when I was unexpectedly looking at a Ford Fusion to replace my ageing car I noticed Alex again had the perfect car for me at a very reasonable price. I ran over a large bolt while test driving it, which put a big hole in the tire, but Alex got it plugged while we were doing the paperwork. This time I got not only a great car, but great financing too. Again, the process was easy, and the entire family are delightful. Well worth the 120 mile round trip! This is the place to go for appealing used cars with the right price. If the idea of walking into another franchised car dealership gives you cold sweats like it does me, you'll find this place to be a refreshing change.

  • (Aug 29, 2010) Amy said:
    After several weeks of looking for the perfect used Ford Escape, I found it at A+ Auto! My car buying experience was very relaxed and exciting! Alex is great to work with, and I would recommend A+ Auto to anyone looking for a great used car. :-)

  • (Sept 1, 2010) Alex Perez A+ Auto Sales said:
    I would like to take this opportunity to give many "THANKS" to my valued customers that have taken the time to add their experience with A+ Auto and help us build this new section in our website. Alex

  • (Sept 2, 2010) W. Tod Miller said:
    I have passed by A+ Auto Sales many times and noticed how nice the quality and selection was on their lot. When it came time for me to purchase a car for my family I stopped in to take a look. I am so glad that I did! All of the cars on the lot were in excellent condition. The sales staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was comfortable and very low pressure. They welcomed my children and were patient as we looked at several vehicles and they answered all of our questions in a friendly and honest manner. We picked out a 2007 VW Passat that looked brand new. I was a little concerned about purchasing a used car but all my fears were put to rest when I found out A+ offered a warranty on my car for 5 years and 100,000 miles for a very reasonable cost. Then he told me the financing terms........my jaw hit the floor when he offered over 1/2 of a percent less than my banks "unbeatable deal". My wife and children love the car, I have a payment I can afford and the security of a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty. I will use A+ for all of my automobile purchases in the future. Their grade really does say it all.

  • (Sept 2, 2010) Sandeep & Neeru Devgan said:
    In 2008 we bought a 2006 Chrysler Mini Van.It was the best car buying experience.We are pleased by the service of Alex and Karina.A+ Auto Sales has the clean,low milage and Quick financing on vehicles.I would highly recommend A+ Auto Sales for your vehicular needs.

  • (Sept 2, 2010) Molly Graves said:
    I live almost right around the corner for A+ Auto Sales and have noticed the variety that Alex has. He has always been friendly and when I went to buy a car I went there first and last. I didn't fell pressured to buy a car and he was very truthful and the prices couldn't be beat. I felt very comfortable buying from him. I will definitely go back if I need another car in a few years.

  • (Sept 3, 2010) Ethan D. said:
    A+ is a excellent name for Alex and his business. I recently purchased a 2007 Subaru Impreza from Alex. I had looked at a couple "big" dealerships before stopping by A+. The big dealer's cars were in kind of rough shape and I just didn't like the over all feeling of how they operate. Nothing like that with Alex, he was a straight shooter, no pressure what so ever, and worked with me for quite a while figuring out financing and payment options before I had even agreed to buy. The car was in immaculate condition inside and out, better then any of the cars I had looked at. I was particular about the car I wanted and was fortunate that Alex had one at his business. It was my first purchase of a newer car and was an excellent experience all around. Highly recommend Alex and A+ Auto Sales!

  • (Sept 11, 2010) Todd Harover said:
    If you are looking for the easiest way to buy a quality used car look no further than Alex at A+ auto! Can't recommend him enough! I just bought a practically brand new Mazda3 from him and it was the quickest, easiest transaction I've *ever* had at a dealership. If you ever bought a car from a big dealership there is no comparison to the experience at A+ - twice as enjoyable and half the hassle. You deal with Alex all the way - no back & forth with the car manager and no waiting on the finance people.

    Again, if you are in the market for a used car *please* give Alex a try. You will be treated like a member of his family!

  • (Sept 20, 2010) Cindel Reed said:
    We were able to get a 2000 Mustange in great condition, which stood out from all the other Mustanges we looked at in the area. A+ auto sales were very polite and hospitable. They made sure that we were able to get the lowest interest rate on our car loan and were more than willing to negotiate the price of the car. The woman, who helped us double checked all of the paper work in order to prevent any problems later on. I recommend A+ if you are looking for a used car in good condition and at a reasonable price.

  • (Sept 24, 2010) Bev & Jeff W said:
    We bought our Subaru in August from Alex. He and his wife were great. Very nice people to deal with. Lots of nice cars on the lot. We drove several cars Alex had to offer and setteled in on our Subaru. Alex walked us through all aspects of the deal. We will def return to him when we need our next car. The rate he got us through Kemba was great. We appreciate his help and love the car. Drove home very happy.

  • (Sept 27, 2010) Ashley A said:
    My fiance and I bought a car there on 9/19/2010. We drove an 1 hour and 1/2 to see the pontiac grand prix on his lot. When we got there it was 30 minutes before closing, but he stayed unitl 9pm to accomodate us in buying a car. He was very friendly and informative. We love our new car, and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking into buying a car.

  • (Oct 7, 2010) Carl Engler said:
    Bought a 2008 Mazda 6 great deal on very nice car. Alex was friendly,honest, no pressure,easy to talk and ask questions to.Was my daughters first purchase of her own car, Transaction was smooth.easy and quick.I feel I made a friend in the used car business.I would recommend to friends and family.

  • (Oct 25, 2010) Sally R. said:
    We bought a 2007 VW Passat earlier this month and are so pleased. Alex was extremely knowledgeable of all the cars on his lot. He was upfront and really helped us make the right decision with no pressure. I would recommend anyone in the area(we're in NKY) to make a trip here before you buy anywhere else. We got a much better car than what we expected when we started shopping for a very fair price. When we're in the market again, we'll be back at A+. 

  • (Oct 28, 2010) Adam and Catherine said:
    We purchased a Mazda 3 this past weekend and Alex made the whole experience very pleasurable. He was willing to talk and answer any questions we had about the car. When it is time for our next vehicle purchase, we will definitely be starting at A+, and we will be recommending them to all of our friends and family members who may be in the car market. We feel like we have made a new friend, so thank you!

  • (Nov 3, 2010) Jen R. said:
    I just purchased another car (ford foucs) from Alex I love the car and as always the process was fair and easy my cousin who leaves norh of dayton and my father in-law have also purchased cars from Alex and had the same experience as me. Alex was very knowledgeable and took all the time I needed to help me make the right decision, If you are looking for quality A+ Auto is where you should go.

  • (Nov 3, 2010) Susie Winhusen said:
    I bought a 2008 Jetta and he helped make the experience very pleasant. It was nothing like the big deal dealerships. The whole transaction was very quick and Alex was a super nice guy. I would recommend him to everyone and I will return again in the future.

  • (Nov 5, 2010) Cheri Smith said:
    Love my new used Altima. Alex was very professional and put up nicely with my husbands haggling efforts! I would have liked to have a spare set of keys. All-in-all, a very good experience! Thanks!

  • (Nov 7, 2010) Dave and Bonnie S. said:
    I have to say that I am usually no fan of car dealers, but Alex has changed my opinion. My wife and I were treated very fairly and given all the room and time to make a decision that in the past we have been pressured to make. I have always admired the cars on his lot (driven by daily for years) and he came recommended by a friend. The recommendation was excellent and the car buying process was smooth - fair price, honest upfront deal (he even gave me a better rate than the bank I have been banking with for 23 years) and a car my wife loves! Thank you Alex and family no doubt we will be back and I will send anyone I know who is in the car buying market.

  • (Nov 10, 2010) Mike R. said:
    Inventory of newer, reliable, clean, used cars. If you can't afford a new car,Alex probably has something fairly priced in your budget. No high-pressure sales tactics. No other lot or big dealer could match his vehicle or come anywhere near his price. My most enjoyabale experience purchasing a vehicle. Thanks Alex.

  • (Nov 20, 2010) Eric S. said:
    Thank you Alex for the best car buying experience I have ever had, and that includes three cars purchased from a dealer who was a family friend! Every detail came out perfectly, right down to the title received this past week. We have already recommended A+ to some friends in the market.

  • (Dec 3, 2010) Molly said:
    I bought a 2007 Subaru Impreza about 2 months ago for college. Alex asked what I was looking for and what I was primarily going to use it for, I told him I was going to school in Clermont. He got me a great car at an even better price. My next car will definitely be from him.

  • (Dec 15, 2010) Sharon Thompson said:
    I purchased a 2009 Aveo from Alex a couple months ago. I was a bit skeptical since I drove all the way from Dayton to buy the car, not being from the area. I checked the BBB and no complaints and clean. Best car sales experience I've had and i've bought quite a few. He was very polite, very knowledgeable and patient (let me make up my own mind) and a good rate on financing. He had a suggestion or solution for each question or problem. I do recommend him to anyone in need of a car and I can attest he certainly has the best prices as I checked all cars within a 60 mile radius of Dayton. Yes we will return to A+ auto sales when we need to purchase a vehicle.
    Thank You so much Alex, very professional Sharon Thompson

  • (Dec 16, 2010) Amy Wilson said:
    I just bought a Mazda 3 from Alex yesterday which I absolutely love! I'm confident that I got a great car for a great price. I do not like the car buying process but Alex made it VERY easy for me. He is not pushy like most car salesman, he's very helpful and provides A+ customer service! Very enjoyable car buying experience, Thanks Alex! Will definitely be back again.

  • (Dec 18, 2010) Rachel said:
    I recently bought a 2007 Camry from Alex at A+, and I could not be happier with the whole experience. The 3+ year old car had less than 15,000 miles, and Alex gave me a great price that was much better than anyone else in the area was offering. He was helpful (e.g., put the car inside the night before I came to test drive it to keep it out of the snow), not pushy at all, and clearly interested in making sure I was happy with my purchase. I love this car, and I will definitely be back in the future.

  • (Jan 26, 2011) Robert A. said:
    I recently bought a vehicle from Alex at A+ and I have to admit it has been by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. Thank you Alex for all you did!! I will for sure recommend you to anyone in the car market.

  • (Jan 30, 2011) garry dennie of westchester ohio said:
    What a breath of fresh air""dealing with alex at a plus auto sales" just a normal hard working stiff like the rest of us trying to raise our families.no ties,no suits"no big fancy gimmicks" just good look'n used cars".i walked in sat myself down and told him what i wanted and he made everything so easy"no big talk" what can i do to put u in this car today stuff"""like you get everywhere else". i went to my regular dealer and was quite dissapointed"",very little attention,and no discounts after being a return customer"i'm done with the big name dealers. alex was like talking with family or a good freind"just easy to get to know. i was very pleased to do business with him. i will go back in the future to buy" but for now i'll just stop and say hi now and then".
    stop and get to know him as aregular joe"and look at the great cars he has"you wont be dissapointed.
    Garry Dennie

  • (Feb 5, 2011) dkube said:
    This is the best experience buying a car so far in my life.
    Alex and his wife went out of their way to make sure I got home
    safely. I had been emailing Alex regularly and he never failed to get back to me.
    The paperwork was painless, accurate, as was the loan.
    I would send my grand daughter to him for her first car and trust that she would be safe,
    happy and well taken care of. This is the second biggest responsibility people have financially
    and to be treated with respect, kindness and a good deal besides is really over the top.
    Thankyou Alex. I will be back...

  • (Feb 9, 2011) Charles P. said:
    I recently bought an Altima from Alex and found the experience quite painless. This is the fourth car that my wife and I have purchased from A+ Auto Sales and we will definitely be back for the fifth even though we now live in North Carolina. Alex offers very affordable financing, extended warranties, and anything else the "big dealers" do but I have yet to see anyone else match his prices and quality. If you want a no-hassle and no-pressure buying experience, just tell Alex what you want and he will deliver!

  • (Feb 16, 2011) Travis & Darcy said:
    I have been back and forth on buying vehicles on the internet. Without being there, you never truly know what you are going to get. With the weather that happened in my area a few weeks ago, we were really in a pinch for a vehicle. I called about this one and Alex stated that he had just put it up for auction, but that he would have no problem getting it back for us if we definitely wanted it. We went out on a limb, and decided to drive the 9 hours from my hometown in Missouri to check the vehicle out and hope that it was as good as it sounded on the internet. We were not disappointed. In fact, we were relieved when we found out not only was Alex honest and up front, but he was also very knowledgeable about the titling process in other states. He was able to answer all of our questions, and he even got the vehicle road ready for us knowing we had a long journey ahead. We really appreciated the outstanding service and good conversation. He will definitely receive a recommendation from us for all of our friends and family.

    Thanks Again,

    Travis & Darcy

  • (Feb 17, 2011) Alex K. said:
    I just bought an '05 Mitsubishi Eclipse from Alex and it was the best car buying experience I have had thus far. I originally was looking at Kings Auto Mall, and was extremely disappointed with the customer service I received. Alex was very attentive and quick with my need for a car the same day I applied. I will definately recommend him to all my friends and family. I will also be going back to him when it's time to get another vehicle. It's good to know there is at least one dealer out there who is fair and honest- thanks Alex!

  • (Mar 3, 2011) Dustin & Mandy said:
    Alex was very easy to talk to and honest which is a refreshing quality to have! We worked out a deal that everyone was happy about! I absolutely love my new vehicle and in the future when we are ready to get another vehicle, Alex will be the first place we look. Thanks again Alex!

  • (Mar 9, 2011) Jim & Crystal said:
    This is by far the best place to find a high quality vehicle. Just look around the lot, none of the cars has any door dings, dents just great cars. Alex is great to deal with no pressure purchase. When we are in the market for another car/jeep we will shop at A+ Auto. Thanks Alex

  • (Mar 9, 2011) Craig T said:
    I recently purchased a 08' Altima SL from A+ Auto Sales. This was my first time buying a car on my own so, of course, I took every precaution; looking at every dealer in town and doing my homework to guarantee the best deal. I found A+ Auto Sales on Edmunds.com. I know how big car dealers take advantage of a novice car buyer quite easily; however Alex is not, by any means, a "normal" car dealer. He made me feel like family. Alex sat down and talked to me as a friend and helped me weigh all of my options. He did everything and anything to help me find the best car for me! After looking all around town at every other dealer, my choice was easy without a doubt! My next car will definitely be purchased from Alex, and I will advise anyone looking to buy a car to head to A+ Auto Sales!

    Thank you again Alex!

  • (Mar 11, 2011) Brandon said:
    Im 21 with little credit. Alex tried everything to get me approved with a low interest rate and he did. I love my Mazda 6 and would recommend A+ Auto to anyone looking for a new car. Hes got nothin but the best in stock. He's straight up and direct which I can appreciate being in sales myself. Thanks Alex. 

  • (Mar 14, 2011) Kyle said:
    I have purchased two cars from Alex over the past three years and he is definitely the first person I call or his website is the first one I check when I am looking for a used car. Everyone hates buying a car because the pushy salespeople you usually end up dealing with. I am here to tell you that when dealing with Alex you will not get any of that. Alex is an easy to deal with, laid back, straight forward guy that makes the entire process a lot less stressful. I know that I am not the only one that feels this way about Alex and A Plus Auto Sales because I have referred multiple friends to his dealership and they received the exact same treatment I have. Truly a great place to buy a car!!

  • (Mar 16, 2011) Cindy said:
    I had been researching cars for months and was tired of the "mismarked" prices that large dealerships were posting on the internet and the sales pressure when at the lots. So when I saw Alex's website and the very reasonable price for the 08 Trailblazer, I was skeptical. I e-mailed Alex and he promptly returned my e-mail confirming the listed price and giving me additional information that was very helpful. At the lot Alex was informative and straightforward! He walked me through the buying process step by step, got me a great price, and answered all of my questions without rushing my decisions (even though he was way past closing time!) I am very satisfied with my vehicle and the buying experience, I highly recommend A+ Auto, Thanks Alex!

  • (Mar 16, 2011) Eric said:
    I bought a 2009 Mazda6 from Alex and i couldnt be more satisfied. the price was right and he was very helpful. he offers quality cars at really great prices. he is totally professional but easy to talk to. if i had to recommend any place to go for a car it would be this place first. great guy, great cars, and great prices.

  • (Mar 25, 2011) Anonymous said:
    We live about 2 hours away, give or take. We have been looking for a vehicle for 3 months, and have been very disappointed in the places around where we live. Lets face it, a lot of dealers and dealerships do not seem to care or listen to your concerns, and you leave empty handed, mad, and back to where you started. Alex was SO thoughtful, nice, honest, and trustworthy. He listened to my concerns, answered our questions, gave us advise, and remained "matter of fact'. He showed us a 2009 Nissan Altima in all entirity. We ended up buying the vehicle that day and I could NOT be anymore happier. it is a beautiful vehicle. Thank you so very much Alex for your honesty and openiness!

  • (Mar 26, 2011) Pam said:
    Today I brought home a 2007 Pontiac Solstice as a surprise for my husband. I had been searching for months to find the right one. Alex never once pressured me, always giving sound advice and ensuring I made the right decision. He spent a lot of time with me and also made sure I got the financing I wanted. He is very honest and I would buy from him again! Thanks Alex - Husband LOVES it!!

  • (Mar 29, 2011) Jackie said:
    I recently bought a 2009 VW and am very happy with my car! Alex was very patient and helpful never pushy just wants you to be happy! If you want a very gently used car (otherwise it would not be on his lot he has many ways he will show you to prove this point) at a very fair price - and a very helpful and kind salesperson Alex and A+ auto sales is where you want to go! I would buy from him again! Thank you Alex!! :)

  • (Mar 29, 2011) Kelly said:
    This was the easiest and best car buying experience I have ever had. A plus and Alex are professional, knowledgeable, and believe it or not, actually interested in helping you and not just selling a car! He is a small business owner and the one of the best kept secrets around town. Goodbye Kings Auto-Mall. Thanks Alex.

  • (Apr 5, 2011) Lisa Hodapp said:
    My daughter bought a car from Alex and I have never been treated so good when pruchasing a car and he went out of his way and made sure everything was just right!!!!! If anyone is looking for good used cars he is your man !!! Alex you are a good person and honest!!!!!!!!!!! Take care Lisa

  • (Apr 7, 2011) Patty Ford: said:
    I just bought a Kia Rondo today from Alex. I've never been more comfortable at car lot. Usually the sales men are really pushy and try to force you into something that you don't really want. Not Alex, he was completely honest about everything and extremely down to earth. He made you feel like you were a member of his family and he was getting the car for his family member. The next time I need a new car I'm going to one place, and that is A+ Auto because you will not find a better salesman or person in the auto business than Alex.

  • (Apr 14, 2011) Nick said:
    I recently visited A Plus with my dad to see a Mazda 6. While there, Alex was extremely helpful in showing us two different ones (even pulling them inside and wiping them down as it was raining that day) pointing out every aspect of each. Needless to say, with Alex's help, we left that day with a Mazda 6. Alex was very patient with us and even stayed very late to finish with us as our bank was being slow. Alex gave the car to us way below value and the car was in nearly perfect condition. I highly recommend visiting A Plus motors. Thank you for taking your time with us Alex, I will definitely be seeing you in the future!

  • (Apr 17, 2011) Denise and Andy Pyott said:
    In all honesty I hate car shopping! That was until I met Alex.....one sunny day, driving past his lot I spotted a sporty, clean and almost brand new car. My husband was looking for a
    New car so I hesitated for a moment, then turned around to check it out. The car was fantastic, it had low miles and the price was great as well. I eagerly phoned my husband and told him about the price and how clean it was. He could not believe a small dealer could offer a car like this without something being wrong!

    We decided to take the car for a test drive and when we phoned Alex he was kind enough to meet us on a Sunday even though his dealership was closed. Talk about wonderful
    Customer service! Needless to say we purchased the car and can't say enough about how great the car and Alex is! Alex earned our respect and admiration. We greeted him as strangers, but left as friends!!! Thanks so much Alex for proving to me that car buying does not always have to be a bad experience.

  • (Apr 28, 2011) Josh Razzano said:
    A Plus Auto Sales Owner, Alex. Very Intelligent, Hard Working Man. . Knows How To Deal With People In A Respectful Manner. Good All Around Guy. Great To Do Business With. Very Fair. Thanks for the 2008 Jetta SE. Its Smooth.

  • (Apr 29, 2011) Melissa said:
    Had a great experience with Alex. He is very nice guy and worked hard to get our payments where we needed them to be. Loving my Hyundai Santa Fe! Very much recommend A+ Auto Sales!

  • (Apr 30, 2011) Jeff H said:
    This is the second car I have purchased from Alex. What a great experience. Alex is knowledgeable and friendly and will provide you the best deal for a comparable car in the city. Both of my experiences were enjoyable and he does a great job of making the purchasing experience easy and fair. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the very nice used vehicles that he offers. Thanks Alex for making the purchase of the Chevy Equinox go so smooth, easy and fair!

    Jeff H

  • (May 2, 2011) Lauren said:
    Alex is great! This is the second car my family has purchased from A Plus Auto Sales, and was the first car I've bought for myself. Alex helped make it affordable for me and was so friendly and made my first car buying experience go smoothly. He really knows what he is talking about and works hard to make his customers satisfied. Love my new car! Thanks Alex :)

  • (May 2, 2011) Laurie said:
    My boyfriend saw the beemer the first day out on the lot and talked to Alex about the car. When we came 2 days later to drive, another guy had come to buy, but Alex had told him that my boyfriend had seen it first.....and that is integrity and honesty in person. I really appreciate the openness and professionalism A+ Auto Sales LLC showed us. Alex made the whole car buying experience GREAT and we give Alex and his company an A PLUS!!!!!

  • (May 8, 2011) Ingvar Sueberkrop said:
    I'm a car guy and I'll say I got a great deal from A+ Auto. The car turned out to be exactly what was advertised and performs as it should. I came from Indianapolis so I wasn't looking to get disappointed. Thanks Alex!

  • (May 18, 2011) Jerry Smith said:
    I recently bought from a truck from Aplus.First of I hate car buying.But my time with Alex and his wife was very good. They worked with us so we could take the truck home rightaway.
    If you need a used car or truck this is the place.
    Thanks Alex

  • (May 22, 2011) Tracy Lanier said:
    I was looking for a car on the internet and the closest one I could find in the color, style, and with all the "bells and whistles" that I wanted was 3 hours away at A+ Autos. We lined up some other cars to look at in the area, but after seeing the car and meeting Alex and his wife, we didn't need to look any further. My new car was everything it was advertised to be and I drove it off the lot that day. The drive from Ripley Wv to this lot was well worth it. Thanks Alex

  • (June 1, 2011) Jeff and Mindy Stewart said:
    We recently bought a 2008 impalla from A+1 Auto. We were very pleased with Alex and his professionalizm. We are bargain shoppers and looked everywhere for just the right car at the right price. After long hours of searching we found our perfect car on his lot. The car is in great shape and looks great too. It was a pleasure doing business with Alex and we will be sure to refer all of our friends and family to him for their used car purchases. We absolutely love our new car. Thanks Alex!

  • (June 2, 2011) Larry Gerber said:
    Alex is a top-notch guy who is extremely trustworthy. We just bought our 2nd car (2007 Camry) from him, after buying a 2005 Town & Country from him 3 yrs ago. It was such a great van and deal, that I had to go back to him for our 2nd vehicle, and I'm so glad I did--he treated me fantastic once again. I have bought over 20 cars in my life time, and the 2 I bought from Alex are 2 of the nicest. Alex is simply the BEST! I'll call him again when I need my next vehicle. As you can tell, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.

  • (June 7, 2011) AJ Gatio said:
    Alex was a great man to do business with. He does his work in an honest, respectable manor and with plenty of enthusiasm. Had a great experience with A+ and would recommend him to anyone. Great selection of cars at fair prices!

  • (June 15, 2011) Miss Stephie said:
    To all of you out there looking to purchase an automobile now or in the future I highly suggest u check out A+Auto Sales. I purchased a beautiful Nissan frm this location just recently. My car buying experience was just awesome! Mr. Alex Perez was just delightful,cordial,polite and professional. In my opinion Mr. Perez goes over and beyond to get u the best price and deal that u can live with.So Bravo Zulu to A+AUTO SALES.

  • (July 6, 2011) R Miller said:
    I am leaving this testimonial gladly. I had been looking for a car for a year and a half. Like many of these fine car buyers, I am a shopper, I do my research and won't hesitate to walk away from a price/deal because I work for a living. After finding what Alex and his wife offered, I finally accepted, not settled, to buy a car from this dealership. Alex and his wife are lovely people. The attention I received as a customer was great. I wasn't rushed or made to feel as if they were doing me a favor. There was dignity and respect shown. I won't soon forget it; as a matter of fact, I will not only share my experience with family, but will remember this best kept secret in West Chester for the future. May God bless!

  • (July 30, 2011) Ronda and Bruce Eisenhard said:
    It has taken me entirely too long to write this testimonial about Alex and A+ Auto Sales because we have purchased 5 cars from Alex in the past few years. We just keep coming back for so many reasons, many of which have been written by others on this site. We have found Alex to be an honest and forthright individual who really loves what he does. His integrity certainly goes unquestioned. We have purchased an Eclipse, and Altima, a Maxima, a Hyundai Sante Fe and a Mazda 3 and still are driving 4 of them. When we are ready for another car, we will head right to Alex because we know he will find us what we want and give us a good price. We not only like our cars, but we really do like Alex and enjoy just going and visiting him. When you are looking for a car, look no farther than A+ Auto Sales!!!!!!!! 

  • (Aug 2, 2011) dennis gassaway said:
    In today's business world its very very difficult to find a business of true integrity. Alex and his dealership are exemplary in their business dealings. They are the true definition of Integrity. I just purchased a car from them and closed on the deal in one day. From the beginning to the final handshake and gettint the keys it was nothing but integrity and professionalism. It was the best car experience I have had and someone older than 60 years old I have bought a lot of cars in my time. If Alex doesn't have it then he will find it and at terms you can afford. Don't go anywhere else.Let A+ do all the work.

  • (Aug 5, 2011) Jill Barnes said:
    We couldn't be happier with our purchase and the whole experience with Alex and A+ Auto sales. We went to A+ looking for a car for our daughter and found a fantastic car at a great price. Alex went above an beyond to meet our needs getting paperwork taken care of quickly for our convenience. Thanks Alex our daughter loves her car!

  • (Aug 13, 2011) millie millard-snow said:
    My husband and I were looking for an affordable vehicle with 4-wheel drive. We have had recent financial difficulties due to many medical bills. Alex was able to find us a lender who gave us an affordable rate. He went above and beyond all expectations. He had everything worked out in less than 24hrs. He is extremely professional, pleasant and just a joy to do business with. We are highly recommending him to everyone we know and meet. We have bought many vehicles in the past 40 years and we can honestly say "This has been the best experience we've ever had buying a vehicle." His first and foremost concern was getting us the best deal possible. He is truly an honest salesman with the highest degree of intregrity. Thank you so much, Alex!!!

  • (Aug 20, 2011) Maggie Cybulski said:
    After doing my homework and researching many vehicles in my area, Union, KY,
    my husband and I decided to drive over 46 miles to check out
    A+ Auto Sales. And it was worth every mile we drove.
    Alex Perez is conscientious and honest. We are certain that we got the best deal possible. I would highly recommend checking him out before you purchase a used vehicle. 

  • (Sept 24, 2011) Andra Weaver said:
    Wow! I love A+ Auto Sales! Today my son purchased really nice Nissan Xterra and Alex was able to get him an unbelievable interest rate for the loan. I suggested A+ Auto to my son when he was looking for a car because I am still driving the very reliable Sonata that Alex sold me 3 years ago. Alex is selective about the cars on his lot and bent over backwards to make sure that Nick got a great car that he could afford. We are so glad we we went back to A+ Auto Sales. Alex you are 2 for 2 with us!

  • (Sept 24, 2011) Paul and Angie Stephens said:
    Looked on the net for approx 2 weeks...the cleanest and nicest, lowest mileage Envoy was at A+. We drove approx 50 mile to A+ and it was worth the trip. Can't say enough about Alex and the way the transaction was handled....We both really liked how he was direct and straight to the point..explained everything with very good and precise detail..We just got home and are thinking about taking our son back in a couple of weeks to look for him a car..The larger lots I think are missing something..personality..Alex it was a pleasure for both of us to meet and do bussiness with you..look forward to doing future bussiness with you as well..Thanks!

  • (Sept 27, 2011) Jackie Moore said:
    I'm so glad I found A+ Auto Sales!! I have bought many cars in the past and have had absolutely horrible experiences. I've bought cars from big dealerships who offer no customer service and kept me waiting and waiting for a "deal." Waiting six to eight hours! Only to find out I was just ripped off after driving off in a car I wasn't sure I wanted. I always dreaded buying a car and the whole experience so when I started looking about a week ago online, I came across A+ Auto Sales. I read the testimonials and decided to just go there, hoping for a pleasant experience. It was a great experience to my amazement! Alex was very genuine and more than helpful! Not only that, he got me a great deal very quickly, everything was done in less than 2 hours! Alex was able to get me better financing than I expected and a very affordable payment. And the car of my choice too! I had damaged credit from a divorce and Alex was able to get me a loan through a bank and that will help me rebuild my credit. I was treated like a friend, not like just another transaction. The big dealerships can't offer the service or the care that Alex does to his customers. If you are looking for a place that cares and real customer service, see Alex!!!

  • (Oct 12, 2011) Deborah Glynn said:
    The auto is wonderful! We purchased a used Acura RL from Alex and he literally went the extra mile to help us out! He was friendly, honest and didn't stop the service once the papers were signed. His follow-up and dedication are to be commended! We DEFINITELY recommend him!

  • (Oct 12, 2011) Nick and Lindsey said:
    We are so happy that we found A+ Auto Sales!!! Alex was an absolute pleasure to deal with and we really felt that he was honest and sincere. We got a great deal on our used vehicle purchase and are very happy with it. Please be sure to check out A+ Auto Sales before you purchase your next used vehicle! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Alex!!!

  • (Nov 13, 2011) Kim said:
    Great place to do business!! Not your typical car shopping experience - Alex is honest and wonderful to work with. He sells top quality vehicles and does it right. What a pleasure...I will continue to go back to him for vehicle purchases and send all my friends and family as well! Thank you, Alex!

  • (Nov 27, 2011) Eduardo and Dinorath Montes said:
    We are so happy to met people like Mr and Mrs Perez, they gave us a great customer service experience,they made us feel like family business they are so nice very honest and professional.We purchased a Subaru and we are so willing to comeback in the near future for another fantastic experience with A-Sales Dealership. thanks

  • (Nov 27, 2011) Lindsey said:
    My husband and I had been searching for a particular Mercury Mariner for the past 3 months. We finallly found everything that we were looking for at an excellent FAIR price. I contacted Alex through email and responded back immediately setting up an appointment for us at our convenience. Alex met us the night before Thanksgiving and stayed 2 hours after close to show us the car and let us test drive. He went way out of his way to assure that our experience was no different than any others. Alex was very honest and straight forward. The vehicle was impeccable! We would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who wants to have a good car buying experience. Thanks Alex!

  • (Jan 4, 2012) Lisa said:
    Great place to get a car. Everyone there was very informative and kind. It is not one of you pushy car lots. I bought a Nissan Altima and am very pleased. I had been searching for a long time and it was the best deal in town. Low miles and great price. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a great car with out any hassles. Great job guys and if we need another car WE WILL BE BACK!!

  • (Jan 16, 2012) Pam and Shawn said:
    We never thought we would term buying a car an "extremely pleasant experience" - but that is exactly what we had at A+ Auto Sales with Alex and Rob. If you are searching for an easy, upfront and honest process - go to A+ Auto Sales. Alex will go the extra mile to make sure everything you were looking for in a car happens. You can tell from the inventory Alex carries that you will be buying a quality car. We will never again go to a "big dealership" and we will definitely purchase from Alex again.

  • (Jan 17, 2012) Marc said:
    Good car at a fair price. Alex and Rob were great to deal with and very low pressure. I would definately consider buying there again and recommend A Plus to others.

  • (Feb 1, 2012) Larry Gerber said:
    Just bought my 3rd car from Alex--same great customer service and same great reliable, sharp looking cars. No high pressure sales, but rather wonderful peace-of-mind--he just wants customers to get a good deal, a good car, and be happy. Alex is the most impressive, well-respected car dealer around. He is a blessing to all who meet him. I couldn't be happier with my 2006 Altima, 2007 Camry, and 2005 Town & Country--and even more so with the service/friendship I have with Alex!!! Don't shop anywhere else. I plan to buy another one from him when the next need arises.

  • (Feb 7, 2012) Lori Stanley said:
    My experience overall was excellent. Alex is a repectful, honest, and caring business man. He wasn't pushing me into anything. He let me choose what I wanted and he went over and beyond to get me in this car and at a great interest rate and price. I will come back to him when I am in the market again in the future for another vehicle. I will recommend his car lot to my family and friends....the people who mean the most to me in this world because Alex created a bond with me today.....TRUST. Thanks again Alex for the most impressive service I have ever experienced.

  • (Feb 18, 2012) Jeff Wolfe said:
    This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. My wife and I had our car totaled when someone crossed the center line. My wife had picked out the car with her father and only wanted the exact same car. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona and when I found the exact car at A+ I gave them a call. They negotiated with me over the phone, researched transportation options, researched Arizona tax requirements, agreed to hold the car for me for over a week, and even came to get me from the airport when I decided to fly out and get the car myself. The car was everything and more than I was promised and Rob made sure that the car was in perfect condition for my trip back to Arizona. I did more than buy a car; I made life long friendships. Rob even checked weather and stayed in contact with me for the entirety of my trip back home. Rob and Alex are great people that can be trusted completely. I am tempted to go back to Ohio to buy my next car even if I can get what I want in Arizona.

    Alex did an awesome job for us getting us into a very nice and affordable car.

  • (Feb 26, 2012) Shawn Pater said:
    I am 47 years old and have bought many cars in my life. This was the most enjoyable experience my wife and I have ever had buying a automobile. I will definetly buy again with A+ Auto Sales. It's too bad that the rest of the auto industry doesn't understand the proper way to treat the customer like A+ treats the customer. For once I left the dealership feeling good about my purchase instead of feeling like I might have been taken. My wife and I highly recommend this dealership. No wonder they have a 5 star recommendation on the net!

  • (Apr 1, 2012) Maureen McCurley said:
    I bought a 2009 Chevy Cobalt from Alex. The buying and service experience was outstanding.I notice after a week that the clear coat on rear fender was peeling. I thought it would be a minor repair costing around $60-$100.00. Took it into a Chevrolet dealer, they gave me an estimate of $650.00, took it for a second repair estimate and they gave estimate of $357.00, took up for a third estimate and they said $321.00 and all these places said the repair would take two days and I had to rent a car. Called Alex he told me to bring it in Monday morning, let him look at it before taking it to repair center. took it in, he made a call and has it sent out around noon and got it back around 5:00 P.M. that day. It looks great and he also took me home and pick me back up when it was done and it didn't cost me anything. Couldn't get better service than that. The buying experience was just as "OUTSTANDING"!!!

  • (Apr 2, 2012) Teresa Bunch said:
    I'm a grandma and have never bought a car from a dealership before...I'm sure it won't take me as long in the future! I love my low mileage 2009 Kia Rio that I purchased in late February. I waited to post my comment just to make sure that Alex would follow through with his end of the sale. All went well and I am one satisfied customer. The process was quick and painless...Alex you can add me to your permanent customer list!!! 

  • (Apr 22, 2012) Larry Gerber said:
    I am getting ready to buy an unprecedented 5th car from Alex! I have bought 4 cars from Alex in the past 4 yrs, because he is unbelievably TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE, just like I want the vehicles I, my wife, and my kids drive--and all 4 have been outstanding vehicles. You won't find another car salesman as amazing as Alex. I have done my homework looking at other dealerships and I have always come back to Alex. If you want a truly great deal, on a truly great car, from a truly great guy--see Alex. He will treat you right, and is the most honest and incredible car salesman I have met in 30+ yrs of buying cars. Thank God for people like Alex!!!

  • (May 2, 2012) Brian Stinson said:
    We just bought our first car from Alex and it was the easiest experience we have ever had buying a car. No haggling, just a straight forward deal, which was refreshing after dealing with some of the bigger dealerships in the past. We told Alex what we were looking for and what we could afford and he acutally got us in the exact car we were looking for, but about 4 years newer than we thought we would get! We will definitely be buying all of our future cars from Alex!

  • (May 3, 2012) Steve & Vicky Rains said:

    (May 3, 2012) Steve & Vicky Rains said:Just picked up our (new to us) Mazda Tribute. Nice SUV, great deal at a fair price. Can't say enough about how we were treated by Rob and Alex. Personable, respectful, honest, straight up, and no pressure. No double talk, no hidden charges in the price, and no half-kept promises like we've seen at other places. The concerns we had were handled quickly and professionally to our complete satisfaction. Smooth transaction. We have no hesitation of recommending A-Plus Auto.

  • (June 16, 2012) Andrea White said:

    (June 16, 2012) Andrea White said:Found my dream car (May 2012) at A+ after searching on the internet for the past year. I researched A+ and read the testimonials below before going to look at my Mazda3. I found the below testimonials were very true and Rob and Alex were great and very honest business people. Thanks to Rob and Alex and the very easy finance transaction I was able to move up 13 years in my car year. They even took my old car in trade! Very happy customer. Andrea White (West Chester)

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